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Syllabus Introduction to Social Thought - 50425
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Last update 09-09-2021
HU Credits: 2

Degree/Cycle: 1st degree (Bachelor)

Responsible Department: Communication & Journalism

Semester: 1st Semester

Teaching Languages: Hebrew

Campus: Mt. Scopus

Course/Module Coordinator: Dr. Gadi Taub

Coordinator Email:

Coordinator Office Hours:

Teaching Staff:
Dr. Gadi Taub

Course/Module description:
The course will survey the development of social thought and political philosophy in the modern era, beginning with the Enlightenment and up to contemporary 21st century theory. It will provide an overview of larger trends as well as basic understanding of central thinkers such as Hobbes, Rousseau, Adam Smith, Marx, Foucault and many others.

Course/Module aims:

Learning outcomes - On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
A basic understanding of the main trends in political philosophy and sociological theory since the Enlightenment and to our time.

Attendance requirements(%):
Attendance Required

Teaching arrangement and method of instruction: Lectures (frontal or virtual, as the circumstance would permit) and short written papers.

Course/Module Content:
1. Introduction: the Enlightenment

2. The Social Contract: Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau

3.Early Liberalism: Jeremy Bentham, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison

4.Social Darwinism: Herbert Spencer, Oliver Wendell Holmes

5.Marxism: Karl Marx
6.Sociology at the Turn of the Century: Max Weber, Emile Durkheim

7.Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud

8.The Crisis of Liberalism in the Age of Industrialism: John Dewey

9.Western Marxism I: Erich Fromm: Psychoanalysis and Marxism

10.Western Marxism II: Dialectic of Enlightenment

11.Postmodern Criticism: Michel Foucault, Edward Said

12.Feminism: From Seneca Falls to Social Construction of Gender

13.Multiculturalism as a Liberal Idiom


Required Reading:
גדי טאוב, "הקדמה" בתוך טאוב (עורך) הנאורות, (מוסד ביאליק 2017). ‏
אדם חופרי, "הנאורות הסקוטית" בתוך טאוב (עורך) הנאורות. ‏

Yoram Hazony, The Virtue of Nationalism, (New York: Basic Books, ‎‎2018) (chapter: John Lock and the Liberal Construction, pp. 29-36)‎

יוסי מאלי, "ההשכלה שכנגד", בתוך טאוב (עורך) הנאורות. ‏

"הפדרליסט מס' 10", בתוך ג'יימס מדיסון, אלכסנדר המילטון וג'ון ג'יי, הפדרליסט, הוצאת מרכז שלם, 2003.

Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence,

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., “Natural Law,” in Richard A. Posner (ed.), The Essential Holmes: Selections from the letters, Speeches, Judicial Opinions and Other Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., (Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 1992), pp. 180-183.

קארל מרקס ופרידריך אנגלס, המניפסט הקומוניסטי (כל הוצאה)

Emile Durkheim, "Chapter 5: Anomic Suicide," in Suicide: A Study in Sociology, (New York: The Free Press, 1951), pp. 241-276.

זיגמונד פרויד, "מלחמה למה?" בתוך פרויד, כתבי זיגמונד פרויד, כרך חמישי, (תל-אביב: דביר, 1968).

Max Horkheimer, and Theodor W. Adorno, "The Concept of Enlightenment," Dialectic of Enlightenment, (New York: The Continuum Publishing Company, 1996)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Suzan B. Anthony, Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls, New York, 1848,

Joan Wallach Scott, "Intordution," in Scott (ed.) Gender and the Politics of History, "Introduction" (New York: Columbia University Press, 1988).

מרדכי בר-און, "פוסט-ציונות ואנטי-ציונות" מתוך אבי בראלי ופנחס גנוסר, הציונות: פולמוס בן זמננו, המרכז למורשת בן-גוריון.

Additional Reading Material:

Course/Module evaluation:
End of year written/oral examination 100 %
Presentation 0 %
Participation in Tutorials 0 %
Project work 0 %
Assignments 0 %
Reports 0 %
Research project 0 %
Quizzes 0 %
Other 0 %

Additional information:
Students would be required to submit 3 short 1 page papers.
Students needing academic accommodations based on a disability should contact the Center for Diagnosis and Support of Students with Learning Disabilities, or the Office for Students with Disabilities, as early as possible, to discuss and coordinate accommodations, based on relevant documentation.
For further information, please visit the site of the Dean of Students Office.