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: Lesson and Seminar

In order to make our learning experience as effective as possible, this course combines synchronous teaching (online lectures during which we interact in real time) with asynchronous teaching (reading assignments, short reading responses, forums and activities that you complete independently before class). The whole range of activities is reflected in the final grade for the course, as detailed on the Moodle site.

The course will be given on Zoom for the duration of the first semester.

Announcements regarding the second semester will be given during the semester break, in accordance with the state of the Covid virus and its impact.

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First Semester

Lesson 1
Denis Hirson The Long Distance South African(Handout on Moodle)

Lesson 2
Cusp Time
Nadine Gordimer The Moment Before the Gun Went Off and A Lion on the Freeway [Moodle]

Lesson 3 Faultlines
Mark Behr _The Smell of Apples_

Lesson 4
Childhood and Complicity
Mark Behr _The Smell of Apples_

Lesson 5
Double Agency
Mark Behr _The Smell of Apples_

Lesson 6
Adamastors Daughters
J.M. Coetzee _Disgrace_

Lesson 7
Disgrace Effects
J.M. Coetzee _Disgrace_

Lesson 8
Gendering Disgrace
J.M. Coetzee _Disgrace_

Lesson 9
Steve Jacobs _Disgrace_ Film version

Lesson 10
Beyond _Disgrace_: Controversies and Contestations. Class debate.

Lesson 11
In Saartjies Shadow
Zoë Wicomb _Davids Story_

Lesson 12
Shame and Identity
Zoë Wicomb _Davids Story_

Lesson 13
Declensions of the Truth
Zoë Wicomb _Davids Story_

Lesson 14
Film Screening Mark Kaplan
_Between Joyce and Remembrance_


Lesson 15: Literature and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Antjie Krog "The Shepherd's Tale"

Lesson 16
Peer-Learning Session: Annotated Bibliography
Mark Sanders
Sanders, Mark. "Truth, Telling, Questioning: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Antjie Krog's Country of My Skull, and Literature after Apartheid." MFS Modern Fiction Studies, vol. 46 no. 1, 2000, p. 13-41. Project MUSE, doi:10.1353/mfs.2000.0011.

Lesson 17
Grievable Lives
Zakes Mda
_Ways of Dying_

Lesson 18
Magic Realism
Zakes Mda
_Ways of Dying_

Lesson 19
Art and/as Redemption
Zakes Mda
_Ways of Dying_

Lesson 20
Margie Orford
_Gallows Hill_

Lesson 21
Margie Orford
_Gallows Hill_

Lesson 22
Guest Forum on Genre Fiction: What does the detective novel teach us about gender and race/ethnicity

Lesson 23
After the Magic is Gone
Masande Ntshanga
_The Reactive_

Lesson 24
Masande Ntshanga
_The Reactive_

Lesson 25
Qualified Futures
Masande Ntshanga
_The Reactive_

Lesson 26
J(erusalem) Review of Books
Class Presentations

Lesson 27
Summary and Guidelines for Final Paper

Primary Texts

Given the special conditions we face this year, the course aims to go *deep* rather than to go *broad*. We will thus be covering only six novels over the semester, together with additional short stories and works of poetry provided on Moodle. One additional novel must be read independently for book review purposes.

Kindle editions of all novels may be used. I recommend buying selected paperback editions of the works on which you plan to submit written work, or to borrow these from our library. Students from previous years may have books to sell.


Behr, Mark. 1995. _The Smell of Apples_. (New York: St. Martins).

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Wicomb, Zoë. 2001. _Davids Story_. (New York: The Feminist Press).


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Ndebele, Njabulo. 2003. _The Cry of Winnie Mandela_. (Cape Town: David Philip).

Rose-Innes, Henrietta. 2011. _Nineveh_. (Cape Town: Umuzi).

Other postapartheid texts are possible but will need Professor Bethlehem's approval.


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Optional Further Reading
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