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Syllabus The environment: A multifaceted issue - 40481
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Last update 06-08-2021
HU Credits: 2

Degree/Cycle: 1st degree (Bachelor)

Responsible Department: Geography

Semester: 1st Semester

Teaching Languages: Hebrew

Campus: Mt. Scopus

Course/Module Coordinator: Dr. Benny Furst

Coordinator Email:

Coordinator Office Hours:

Teaching Staff:
Dr. furst benny

Course/Module description:
This is a multi-disciplinary course that is delivered by guest speakers from the academia and practitioners. The course examines the ecological, social legal and economic relations between man and nature.

Course/Module aims:
The aim of the course is to expose the students to the range of considerations decision makers have to consider while balancing between conflicting interests. In addition, to highlight the various mechanisms available for decision makers for balancing between conflicting interests.

Learning outcomes - On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
Identify situations of conflict between environmental considerations to developmental, economic, political and societal considerations. Describe some types of environmental policy and tools for implementation. Classify and sort some tools and directions of environmental thought and policy. Relate to citizens' role in preserving quality of environment. Conclude on uniqueness of environmental management and policy and the professional interest in this discipline. The course includes a final exam (multiple-choice one) that is based on the oral presentations of the guest speakers

Attendance requirements(%):
attendance at 11 classes at least.

Teaching arrangement and method of instruction: Frontal lectures by guest speakers

Course/Module Content:
lecture 1: introduction- world wide environmentalism: Dr. Benny Furst.
lecture 2: environmentalism in Israel- Dr. Benny Furst.
lecture 3: environmental philantropy- Dr. Itay Greenshpan, Hebrew University.
lecture 4: dillemas about environmental campaigns- Mrs. Iris Hann, CEO of SPNI.
lecture 5: political aspects of environmental issues- MK Yael Cohen-Paran.
lecture 6: cultural representations of environmentalism (literature and movies)- Dr. Benny Furst.
lecture 7: Air pollution Act in Israel- Dr. Arye Vanger, Adam Teva Vadin.
lecture 8: environment and law- advocate Haya Erez.
lecture 9: green planning and building- Arc. Ran Avraham, ministry of Environmental Protection.
lecture 10: environment and media. Mr. Erez Raviv, Journalist, Davar1.
lecture 11: will be updated.
lecture 12: will be updated.
lecture 13: conclusion- development challenge vs environmental protection- Dr. Benny Furst.

Required Reading:
will be posted

Additional Reading Material:
see at the hebrew version.

Course/Module evaluation:
End of year written/oral examination 80 %
Presentation 0 %
Participation in Tutorials 10 %
Project work 0 %
Assignments 10 %
Reports 0 %
Research project 0 %
Quizzes 0 %
Other 0 %

Additional information:
10%- attendance at 11 classes at least.

90%- final exam (30 multiply questions, 2 concepts, 1 open question.
Students needing academic accommodations based on a disability should contact the Center for Diagnosis and Support of Students with Learning Disabilities, or the Office for Students with Disabilities, as early as possible, to discuss and coordinate accommodations, based on relevant documentation.
For further information, please visit the site of the Dean of Students Office.