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Last update 24-09-2013
HU Credits: 2

Degree/Cycle: 2nd degree (Master)

Responsible Department: Comparative Religion

Semester: 1st Semester

Teaching Languages: Hebrew

Campus: Mt. Scopus

Course/Module Coordinator: Yigal Bronner
David Shulman

Coordinator Email:

Coordinator Office Hours: By appointment

Teaching Staff:
Prof Yigal Bronner
Prof David Shulman

Course/Module description:
This seminar will be dedicated to reading and discussing the southern bhakti Sanskrit poetry about Krishna, starting with the Bhāgavata Purāṇa and concluding with some of its medieval and early modern incarnations.

Course/Module aims:
Enriching the philological tools required for reading medieval Sanskrit poetry and for appreciating it in its wider contexts.

Learning outcomes - On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
To know, understand, and become familiar with this sort of poetry.

Attendance requirements(%):

Teaching arrangement and method of instruction: Seminar

Course/Module Content:
In the first and shorter part of the semester, we will read and discuss versions of the famous episode wherein baby Krishna eats dirt. In the second, main portion, we will read different versions dealing with his love games with the cow-herders, known as the rāsakrīḍā.

Required Reading:
The three main texts from which we will be reading are:
1. The Bhāgavatapurāṇa.
2. Vedānta Deśikas Yādavābhyudaya.
3. Nārāyaṇa Bhaṭṭas Nārāyaṇīyam
For details, see the Moodle site.

Additional Reading Material:
For details, see the Moodle site.

Course/Module evaluation:
End of year written/oral examination 0 %
Presentation 0 %
Participation in Tutorials 13 %
Project work 0 %
Assignments 0 %
Reports 0 %
Research project 0 %
Quizzes 0 %
Other 87 %

Additional information:
Grade determined by a take-home exam.
Students needing academic accommodations based on a disability should contact the Center for Diagnosis and Support of Students with Learning Disabilities, or the Office for Students with Disabilities, as early as possible, to discuss and coordinate accommodations, based on relevant documentation.
For further information, please visit the site of the Dean of Students Office.